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Friday, February 26, 2010

"Hey kids, want some drugs? They will make you feel good."

You probably get a mental image of a thugged-out guy standing outside of an elementary school trying to sell his crack to children. It's sad, this does happen.

What is even sadder, is a trusted member of the medical community pushing drugs on children who really only need counseling.

I have written a couple of times about this adolescent psychiatrist I was referred to after my mom died. She is absolutely 100% guilty of this behaviour.

I was curious to see if she was still in practice or if any lawsuits had come up concerning her so I googled her name.

I found a few listings so it appears that yes, she is still in practice. I have no idea how for I can't imagine that she only treated me with no regard to my mental health, but she is there.

I almost spit out my drink when I read her new title:

Lena, Dr. S. M.
Pediatrician and Adolescent Medicine Specialist, Clinic For Adolescents

Oh NO SHIT. I suppose she's finally caved and made it clear that she makes a LOT of money off the pharmaceutical companies to push her hardcore mind-altering drugs on children. At least, that is what I am reading from that description.

Really I think she should call herself DR. S&M "I'llfuckyourbraingood" Lena.

I saw a listing for her on a site called weblocal. It's a site for listing local businesses, stores and services. I noticed that someone had taken the time to write a review of their experience with Dr. S M Lena.

Here is the link:


The review is at the bottom...sounds eerily familiar does it not?

Sometimes the people you should be able to trust, those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath for fucks sake, who have sworn to practice ethical medicine are not to be trusted at all. Please research drugs and their side effects before blindly taking them and hoping they will cure everything. For that is what this doctor promotes and I think it's sick and unforgivable.

You might as well send your child to the local crack dealer because that is about as much help as you will get from this bitch.


  1. Unfortunately, it's the sad truth that a great deal of doctors today are not interested in preventative medicine, and think that the first and best solution is to prescribe drugs that in many cases should not have made it through the FDA's screening process.. just goes to show how far lobbying and vast amounts of kick-backs can do for the pharmaceutical industry :|

  2. christ. took me a bit but i found you. ignore my email :P

    she should not be in practice at all. that is horrible.

  3. That's very ignorant because you don't know her or her practice. She helps straighten up kids with mental illness, and gives they greater hope for the future. Sometimes people (as in everyone) need to be put on medications when they can't physically or mentally help themselves. She never pushes drugs onto children, so you need to get your facts straight. People like you bullying other people for no reason. You never met her or nothing. So don't talk.