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Monday, April 19, 2010

Physio and the Mega-Bitch

I had my first physiotherapy session today for my jaw. Luck would have it that I was scheduled with the owner of the clinic because when I explained to her what an awful state my current financial situation is in, she lowered the price of my treatments!

I had acupuncture for the first time. It was interesting. I had explained to her that I have an existing anxiety condition and so she seemed to be worried that sticking needles in me would cause me some anxiety. She obviously missed my upguaged ears and my labret piercing.. heh.
The only time I am afraid of needles, is when I am being injected with something. I don't mind giving blood, that's no problem, but I hate the creepy feeling of knowing something is coursing through my system that would not otherwise be found there naturally.

So, no problem with the acupuncture ones. They are really tiny, in fact.

I have not really noticed anything significant after having it done but I do have another appointment on Monday for some more puncturing. Funtimes. While I was left lying there I was scrunching up my nose because I had one stuck right above my nose bridge and it was moving funnily from side to side as I would do so. Ok, I was pretty bored lying there, I admit it.
She told me to relax but it was hard what with the giggling lady who had to announce she was going for a pee in the middle of her treatments and the din of multiple conversations between therapist and patient all around me, but hey, I tried.

Other than that, my life is rather boring.

I went to my best friend's birthday shindig on Saturday night. It was fun, the cool peeps and I had a kitchen party. There were a bunch of people there, thankfully I knew a good handful otherwise I may have just left due to Mega-Bitch. I have no idea what her problem is with me as I have never done anything to her but she seems to like to give me dirty looks a lot. I am thinking maybe it's because even though I am 6 years older than she, I look at least 6 years younger. She's that type of girl who needs to eat as she is grossly skinny and has zero fat in her face making her look haggard and old. I suppose she could be pretty if she was not scowling 90 percent of the time and maybe if she would eat something. I think she might also be guilty of over-tanning herself as she definitely has leatherface. I don't know. I just know that she annoys me and one of these times I will be forced to go up to her and ask her what the hell her problem is. I feel bad for her new husband, really. He is such a nice guy, super funny too. She comes off as a mega-princess and very high maintenance. Poor Chris.


  1. BWAHAHAHAHA! i know exactly who you are talking about

    maybe next time bring some tunes in your mp3 player to listen to while you relax.. that way you dont have to hear the other people talking/

  2. HAHAHAHA. Skinny bitches like that need a god damn five dollar footlong! ;) Hope the acupuncture works!

  3. I still owe you some Reiki. I should be done running around like a decapitated chicken soon.

  4. I had acupuncture treatments over the winter. I could never relax either. I did sleep a whole lot deeper on the nights I had them.

    Good luck with everything. Hope you are feeling loads better.

    You are loved.

  5. LOL @ sure do! hehe
    That is a good idea..about the mp3 player.

    Kissa..yes they do! :D

    HB: Sure thing! I know you are one busy little bee..(heh heh) :)

    SB: Thanks very much. :) The acupuncture seemed to work as my jaw is not flaring up every night any longer..yay!