Mumblings of a Muddled Mind

I like to write about what matters to me and to raise awareness for mental health. I suffer from mental illness but that does not define who I am.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wowwee..It's damn hot for May.

I am thankful for the fan I have blowing over my head and for the coolness of my house at the moment. I can hear my neighbours whiny daughter splashing in the kiddie pool outside. She has the most annoying high-pitched whine I have ever heard on a kid. I can't blame her for it entirely however because if you heard the way her mother screams and yells at those kids, you'd probably sound like that too.

I'd be in that pool right now if I had a muzzle or something-something.

We went away for the long weekend to Gordon's family cottage which actually consists of three trailers that are permanently built into three adjoining sites in a park near Parry Sound. The trip takes about five hours of driving to get there.

I was pretty excited. The weather was looking decent and ended up being really hot.

The downer was that on the way up, my daughter came down with strep throat. The poor girl! She was so looking forward to swimming and fishing and so were we. She did a whole lot of sleeping and colouring in a book instead. The hospital in Parry Sound was so freakin efficient. We were in and out of there in half an hour.

I didn't end up going swimming or fishing so she wouldn't feel left out and neither did my husband. It was pretty uneventful and laid-back.

Last week I had and appointment with a new psychiatrist. It's been a while since I have seen a proper one who didn't just push me out the door with pills and the latest trendy diagnosis. He seems to think I have long-standing PTSD (duh) and that I also suffer from something called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). He wants to meet with me more to actually confirm this, however and so I have another apt coming up in a week. He recommended I read a book called "Sometimes I Act Crazy" ( I laughed my arse off at the title) so I went out and bought it. It's pretty damn accurate a description of me and my thought and behavioural patterns. Who knows, maybe I will finally find some answers I have been looking for all of this time. I am slightly optimistic but I kind of have trust issues with so-called medical professionals.


  1. ha ha best title for a book ever.

    hope he is a good brain picker for you

  2. I hope the doc is able to help. I also hope the kid is feeling better.

    Have a great weekend.