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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Want An Edumacation!

I want to go to University. I do NOT want to go to University here in Ottawa. I hate Ottawa. It's not just the people here who tend to be pretentious government fucks but it's also the city itself. I just read that they are hiking the bus fare up to $3.25! Can you believe that?!

Oc Transpo has THE shittiest service in all of Canada and it's also the most expensive. Not to mention that the drivers have no problem striking over !!Christmas time!! and I know far too many people who lost their jobs as a result of said strike. I read a facebook group today that is proposing that the riders should protest this hike in fare and strike themselves.

There's one problem..Ottawans don't give a rat's ass whether they are being fucked up their own! I have seen it time and time again. People here sure like to talk about taking a stand but when it comes down to it, they are lazy and most don't even come from here to begin with. That is due to the fact that it's a mecca for government employees and thre are a lot of immigrants. I think I may want to move out to BC finally!

I am trying to convince the hubby. I have wanted to go since I was 17 and I am feeling rather selfish, so heck, I just might do it!
That would mean moving Lilli away from her dad but we can work out trading school years and summers.
It would also mean that I would move away from my family, but they didn't seem too concerned about me when I was trying to stay around for my Nanna's sake. So fuck em. My uncle just up and left, and didn't help with anything after my mom died and until my grandpa died when I was 22. He's living back here now so I think I'll just let them fend for themselves now. Who am I kidding? He's not even helping now. He's helping himself just fine though.

This feels so empowering, to make my own decision and not really worry my pretty little head off if everyone will be ok with the aftermath. You get what you give, I gave a lot, it's your turn now.

Exciting times. I don't know how many people have told me I belong in BC. When I go there, I feel at home. They also have a forensics program out there...that would be kick ass. I have looked into it and it's the best one in Canada. I think Toronto is the next option, which is out of the question.. I dislike Toronto possibly more so than I do Ottawa..LOL
Actually, I don't think it's Toronto either. All of Ontario is pretty lame.

At least Toronto has a decent transit system though. ...


  1. Believe me Andie I have been wanting to get out of this shit town since I got here in 2000. I've never felt like home here and I have no family either. Unfortunately I cannot leave because I have no money as I'm working hand to mouth. Government sucks ass. Been in this job for nearly two years and I'm not even given a fucking sick day. I wish I could go back to school but I could not afford to eat or live. So I'm stuck in a relationship that makes me depressed and a job that is leading me no where fast.

  2. It's awful eh? Just sucks you in and turns you into a zombie. I treally hope you find better work hun. :/

    What's goin on in the relationship?!

  3. Long story. I'll message you on facebook about it

  4. I am sure that the buses there are still better (and more safe) than they are here in the states. I am not sure how much a pass is but I am sure it isn't cheap these days either.