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Friday, March 12, 2010

Old Man Crush

Have you ever been oddly attracted to a man who could be your father but who may also be old enough, had he had kids early and they had kids early, to be your grandfather?

I have.

His name is Patrick Stewart.

I'm sorry, SIR Patrick Stewart who's claim to fame would have to be Star Trek the Next Generation.
I remember when the show first started, my mother was very excited because she was an original ST junkie and I was excited because one of my little girl crushes was due to star on the show as Ensign Wesley Crusher (an apt name if you ask me) and man was he ever so sexy playing an uber geek!

At first, I didn't think anything of the new captain of the Starship Enterprise much. He seemed befitting enough. He was level-headed for the most part and wasn't always going around chasing oddly-coloured alien tail a la William Shatner.

As I continued to watch the show religiously with my mother, I began to develop my old man crush and with that, my little girl crush faded into the background. His accent was alluring, he drank tea but remained very masculine whist doing so and all he had to do was utter one single word and everyone would comply. Damn that is hot.

Sir Stewart as he is now called due to being knighted by the Queen of England, started his career mostly in theatre with some minor roles in movies. After Star Trek he would go on to star in quite a few leading or main roles in films such as the X-Men and Masterminds. He also seems to have a penchant for Shakespeare.

I think Sir Stewart is a smart man. He seems to be dating a woman who is younger than his daughter (who is my age coincidentally) and claims that he "doesn't meet women of his own age...". I am pretty certain that that translates from "Sir-talk" into English as: "Women my age are all raisinesque and aren't nearly as flexible (in bed)". Translations like these are easy to make when you are a woman.

He appeared on an episode of Extras with Ricky Gervais and his character on the show has quite the fascination with naked women. Gervais is a lowly extra in a film they are shooting and tries to present a script for a movie to Sir Stewart in hopes that he will make it big in the movie industry. Sir Stewart reads it and keeps asking him questions like "Ok, fine story indeed! But will there be any you know, naked women in the film?" To which Gervais replies that there wont. Stewart insists that there should be some form of nakedness and keeps obsessing about it through the whole show. I laughed my keister off!

All I know is that if I were his girlfriend, he'd have to don his Captain uniform and order me to "Engage".

I particularly like the way he's straddling the bar in this photo:

He also looks pensive and like he means business.

Do you figure he likes to spank or be spanked?
I hope it's the former otherwise my old man crush may very well just fizzle out and die.


  1. He is handsome. I just have a thing about baldies. Me no likee.

    Love you. Have a great weekend.

  2. hahahah, gee, I'll say "engage" if you want me too :P

  3. SB: Yeah I forgot to mention that, I reeeeeeeeeeeally do not like bald heads either. This is the only bald head I find attractive. LOL
    My hubby was shaving his head when we got back together before we were married and I made him stop. Ok, I asked and pleaded and told him I would get bangs. He likes my bangs. :P

    TC: Can you replicate his accent too? :P

  4. ROFL engage. you kill me. you just want to romp a Knight :P

  5. This entry made me giggle and admittedly Miss Kissa has a crush on Hugh Laurie... Rawr. How old is he anyway? Don't care. GORGEOUS.


  6. Where are you? We need a new post!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. oh he is handsome. bald heads can work - depends upon the man, for sure for him!