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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lil Miss Makeup

Does anyone else remember this bitch?

I was so excited when my mom agreed to buy her for me! Wow, that's magic! Hey, I was only 10. I loved that doll to death. Literally. I Had to throw her out because she no longer had hair..(I went through a hairdresser on my dolls phase) but she sure did make me want to wear make-up!
I think by the age of 10 I had some of my own stuff. The only problem was, that when I applied it, it looked NOTHING like the doll's perfectly placed magic make-up. Oh no, I looked like a whore trying to apply make-up after smoking a few rocks. I thought it made me look sexy. HA!

As I got older I stopped using the backs and bright red lipsticks. I decided I liked make-up but I wanted a natural look so from the ages of about 15-20 I only wore browns. Brown eyeliner, brown eyeshadow and brown lipstick if I wasn't wearing my gloss. I had a slight addiction to pot lip gloss during my teens.

I have a new obsession with liquid eyeliner lately. I used to have a couple of bottles when I was 14 but back then I was not as skilled with make-up so it always looked like shit. I ended up using them to draw on my walls when I lived with my Dad in Alberta. He was not impressed.

The photo on the top is my eyes lined on the top and bottom lids as I was going for a classic pin-up look and the one under it are lined only on the bottom with some darker brown eyeshadow. I was going for an Egyptian look in the second photo.


  1. No idea about that particular doll but my little sister had this doll when I was a kid that talked and it scared her. She gave it to me and I ended up painting war paint on its face with markers and threw it on the roof. Random recollection there.

  2. well the both look good to me!

  3. You are pretty and obviously great with the makeup. I had my nose pierced for awhile, but let that shit grow closed. Now I have a nice scar on the inside of my nose.

  4. Yeah dolls can be creepy eh Christopher?
    I had a few creepers. I love random recollections!

    Thank you very much Sage. :D

    SB: Thanks a bunch hun. I used to have 3 holes in one nostril but now I only wear the one. could have been could have a really bad tattoo on your face! :P
    I have had so many piercings that I have random hoes hangin' around.. lol

  5. ha ha. used it to draw on the walls. that is some funny shit.

    i have always been a liquid liner fan. i dont use it all the time but i do when i wasnt that POW it gives. its great stuffs