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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh happy day

I was frigging around on my favourite social networking site today and I saw one of my friends had marked her attendance for a show. It's rather coincidental that I posted a DK video the other night as that is who is coming to town!

Ok, not exactly. The Dead Kennedys broke up in the eighties and I was too young to ever get to see them as a band live. The band and the lead singer Jello Biafra have had a rather large falling out over rights to the music so they will never be together as one again. It's Jello and his new band who will be performing some of their stuff and some DK oldies! I am too freaking excited. I think I might pee my pants.

Back in high school I would get sent home for wearing DK shirts often. I was all for freedom of speech but apparently as a teen foul language is frowned upon. What bullshit is that anyway? We all know teens are the WORST offenders of using excess bad language. It's rebellion time! A time to express ourselves in ways we couldn't before.

The one time it really bothered me was when I wore my Nazi Punks Fuck Off shirt.

There were known Aryan racists at my school who wore white laces in their Doc Martens and red suspenders; I chose multi-coloured ones myself. I am totally opposed to that sort of bigotry and always was. I was asked to leave school property for wearing a swear word on my shirt yet again. This time, I explained to them what I explained above about the blatant (blatant if you were a youth in the 90s) markings of white supremacy that these brainwashed sheep were sporting and that I was trying to make a counter-statement to them. The teachers looked at me like I had three eyes and told me to go home. FAIL!

Well, it wasn't a total fail. They got the message clear. I was never a quiet one in school, that's for certain. I always made a fuss and used my voice to stand up for what I believed in.

Anyhoo, that's about that for now..dinner is ready.
Exciting times!

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  1. Hi, love. Like your site.

    I got sent home for a Guns n' Roses shirt I wore to school that said: Get in the ring, motherfucker! Obviously I loved that shirt. Motherfucker is my favorite word. So damn versatile. Laugh.

    Sending love,