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Monday, March 22, 2010

This Guy is SERIOUS!!

Oh man..I think I just found the funniest shit ever.

I know what I'll be doing this summer while I learn how to drive..

I'll be going DOOM DOOM DOOM... BOOM, BOOM.

Here is his website in case you think I'm joking about him being serious. Please listen to track number 8. "God'll Make You Clap" while you are there. Your life will never be the same. :P

Click here to Cruise like Christ


  1. This has gotta be the most misguided way of trying to get sex I've ever seen. I guess the born-again crowd is untapped - pun intended. I hope to God that's the angle he's trying to work or else... wow.

  2. lol @ untapped!

    Dude, I was thinking money but sex..yeah I mean, there are women (or men I suppose) who think that's sexy?! I am frightened for humanity.

  3. ROFL! omg that is some funny shit.

    dude you have to listen to CHRI christian hits on either a fri or sat night. i cant remember which one but there is a jesus hiphop party hour. its all music like that and its funny as all hell